Unpacking Your Barometric Prognosticator III
1) Rest the box on a flat surface
2) Carefully open both ends by cutting just the tape
3) If you see a plain piece of foam, go to the other end
4) The correct end is the one containing components
5) Rotate so the hole where the cable appears is at the bottom
6) From the other end of the box, push out the foam package
7) The foam package should slide out like this
8) Keep pushing until the foam package is free
9) Remove the external weather monitor
10) Remove the USB power supply
11) Remove the two screws and wall plugs
12) Remove the foam packaging block
13) Lift out the USB plug on the end of the copper cable
14) Unwind the copper cable
15) Remove the end piece of foam packaging
16) Carefully lift out the chain from the slot packaging slot
17) Ease the foam flute support inwards
18) Lift and remove the foam flute support
19) Slide the Barometric Prognosticator III out until…
20) …the copper lamp arm is free from the foam packaging
21) Rotate the lamp arm until it is vertical
22) Continue sliding out the Baromatric Prognosticator III
23) Keep the Prognosticator III safely on a flat surface
24) Lift the bell hammer vertically out of the foam packaging
25) Rotate the bell hammer anti-clockwise out of the way
26) Gently ease out the bell hammer packaging
27) Rotate the bell hammer clockwise so it can touch the bell
28) Keep the packaging somewhere safe and follow the installation instructions
Do not manually turn the Readings Display Disc, as this could permanently damage the Readings Display Disc Engine!